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Resilienz im Tourismus – Destination Risk and Resilience Manual – Samaná Province, Dominican Republik

Erscheinungsjahr: 2022

Projekt: Resilienz im Tourismus

Tourism is a major source of income for numerous communities worldwide, particularly in regions with difficult accessibility, remoteness from economic markets, and limited industry. However, many tourism destinations face complex and interconnected risks such as climate change, pandemics, ecosystem degradation, loss of nature and biodiversity (UNDRR, 2022). These issues are particularly demanding in a cross-cutting industry such as tourism which is highly dependent on intact ecosystems, global business activity, and socio-cultural experiences. In the face of growing uncertainty and occurrence of disasters in tourism destinations, resilience has evolved as a key concept for dealing with these challenges. However, approaches for putting it to practice in a destination are still scarce. The Samaná Province in the Dominican Republic set out to change this by pioneering an innovative methodology to analyze and build destination resilience. This brochure outlines Samaná Province as a tourism destination, identifies hazards and risks for tourism activity in the region, and compiles options for action to build resilience including implications for their implementation.