The DKKV is…

German Committee for Disaster Risk Reduction e.V.(ger.: Deutsches Komitee Katastrophenvorsorge e.V.)




The demand for climate information and its use for adaptation to climate change is increasing rapidly. This is resulting in a growing number of different types of information services and products, known as Climate Services (CS). CS use climate-related data together...

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What is disaster risk reduction?

Storms, natural hazards and extreme events can quickly become a danger to people and the environment. But climate change, extreme urbanization, power outages and fires also offer potential hazards.

A disaster occurs when the functioning of a community or society is impaired or interrupted and, as a result, high human, material, economic and ecological losses occur that cannot be managed alone.

Precautionary measures can help to reduce the consequences and impact of the disaster. Depending on the hazard and personal circumstances, the precautionary measures to be taken may vary.

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