As part of a delegation from Rwanda organised by the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), we held an exchange with a group of participants from the Ministry of Environment, Rwanda Environment Management Authority, University of Rwanda and the Rwanda Meteorology Agency on March 8.

To start with, we played a dice-based series game addressing the topics of prevention, climate change and early warning. Afterwards, the structure and work of DKKV and current projects were presented. A special focus was put on learning from past disasters, especially the lessons to learn from the 2021 flood disaster.

Finally, a lively discussion developed on the topics of risk communication and early warning. The background to this was that a national early warning system is currently being set up in Rwanda, in which different actors from administration and science are involved. One of the aims of further development is to ensure that warnings reach vulnerable groups, are understood and that effective action is taken.