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What does the future hold? – Young Professionals offer workshop at “2nd National Expert Forum: Water extremes as a result of climate change”.

On March 13 and 14, 2023, the “2nd National Expert Forum: Water Extremes as a Consequence of Climate Change” took place at the Klimahaus Bremerhaven. This year, the focus of the event was on extreme drought and aridity. For the event, our Young Professionals Marie-Theres Baranski, Lina-Marie Müller, Katharina Seeger and Dennis Wengenroth collectively planned […]

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TV report on Prof. Martin Voss: How crisis-proof is Germany?

In a live interview with ZDF, Prof. Martin Voss (Disaster Research Center of the FU Berlin and DKKV board member) answered questions about, for a.o., societal resilience to crises and disasters, the state and future of German civil defense and disaster management, and the population’s ability to protect itself. Serafine Dinkel (German Council on Foreign […]

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Social Media Analytics by Virtual Operations Support Teams in disaster management: Situational awareness and actionable information for decision-makers

Virtual Operations Support Teams (VOSTs) are digital volunteers who conduct social media analytics tasks to provide decision-makers in Emergency Operation Centers (EOCs) with actionable information during hazard situations. They integrate into EOC structures and use advanced tools to monitor various social media platforms. A case study of the 2021 flood in Wuppertal, Germany found that […]

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UBA forecast: Greenhouse gas emissions down 1.9 percent in 2022-More coal and fuel used – more renewables and overall reduced energy usage mute effects

In 2022, Germany’s greenhouse gas emissions fell slightly by 1.9 percent. Around 746 million tons of greenhouse gases were released – a good 15 million tons less than in 2021. Overall, emissions in Germany have dropped by 40.4 percent since 1990. Although this means that in total the target values of the Federal Climate Protection […]

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Statement of the DKKV on mandatory natural hazard insurance as an element of precaution against climate risks

The consequences of global climate change are already being felt in Germany today. People in Germany are increasingly confronted with storm damage and, associated with this, increasing financial burdens. The flood disaster of 2021 and its consequences are a striking example of this. Homeowners in Germany can already take out comprehensive insurance against natural hazards […]

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Survey on Disaster Risk Communication & Preparedness

We invite you to participate in the survey on disaster risk communication & preparedness for the project. Your participation in this brief survey is crucial in helping us understand the current state of disaster risk communication and preparedness efforts. The survey should take approximately 4 minutes to complete: Questionnaire for Identifying Best Practices in Disaster […]

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Meeting with delegation from Rwanda

As part of a delegation from Rwanda organised by the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), we held an exchange with a group of participants from the Ministry of Environment, Rwanda Environment Management Authority, University of Rwanda and the Rwanda Meteorology Agency on March 8. To start with, we played a dice-based series game addressing the […]

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Event at the BABZ on the topic “Education in Civil Protection

If the motto is: Learn IN crises instead of only learning OUT of crises, then what and how do those whose profession is to provide education services in civil protection learn? From 10.05. to 12.05., the BABZ in Ahrweiler is planning an event on education in change. Of course, education in civil protection is the […]

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