In July 2021, record rainfall conditions in Europe, most notably over Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and France, caused widespread flooding and damage. This first special issue of the “Journal and Coastal and Riverine Flood Risk” (JCRFR) presents research studies on meteorological, hydrological, engineering and socio-economic impacts of this record-breaking disaster. Contributions from different authors highlight research from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Also, lessons for future flood risk management are discussed.

About the journal of coastal and riverine flood risk (JCRFR): This is a completely free and open access community-based journal. Its mission is to publish quantitative and qualitative studies on all aspects of coastal and riverine risks. JCRFR, as a Diamond Open Access, is entirely open access and free for both authors and readers.

More information and access to the special issue: Vol. 2 (2023): Special Issue – 2021 Summer Floods in Europe | Journal of Coastal and Riverine Flood Risk (