Research Scholar(s) in Economics


31. Januar 2024    


The Economic Frontiers (EF) Program at IIASA is looking to recruit two research scholars with a strong background in mathematical and/or empirical modeling in the fields of environmental, energy or welfare economics to work on the projects JUSTCOAL and MULTIFUTURES. The EF Program aspires to provide a comprehensive, rigorous, and multidisciplinary framework for studying the changes to economic systems and behaviors that are required to shift production and consumption to patterns that are fair, sustainable, and resilient. Explicit consideration is given to

(i) Economics of equal life chances,

(ii) Economics of disruptive changes,

(iii) Economic governance of transitional change,

(iv) Economic development and wellbeing in a finite and interlinked world.

The program’s research integrates tightly with the natural, environmental, population, and systems science frameworks that IIASA is leading on, thus providing the multi-disciplinary approach needed for an understanding of the transition to sustainable, fair and resilient economies.

Deadline: 31. January 2024 

Further information can be found here.