This survey is being carried out as part of a master’s thesis. It is about the vulnerability to flooding in the Ahr valley. Specifically, the questions to be answered are which people, buildings and landscapes in the Ahr valley are particularly vulnerable, where these are to be found and whether there are spatial hotspots. To this end, indicators were compiled from related literature, i.e. buildings, people or infrastructure that are particularly vulnerable. This means, for example, that in the event of a flood, these people are particularly dependent on support and the impairment of these infrastructures is particularly important for the situation of the local population. This includes hospitals and kindergartens, groups of people of a certain age, but also roads, railways and bridges that are important for supply and evacuation, for example. These indicators are to be weighted for the Ahr valley with the help of your knowledge. In your experience, which indicator is particularly relevant for vulnerability in the Ahr valley? The Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) will be used for this purpose. This involves weighing up the indicators in pairs and calculating a weighting or hierarchy in terms of vulnerability. If you have input on this topic, please use the following links to take part and complete both surveys. Furthermore, please note the following information on recording professional groups beforehand.

  • the survey on the weighting of aspects of ‘socio-economic vulnerability’ can be found here:
  • the survey on the weighting of aspects of ‘Critical Infrastructure and Vulnerable Uses’ can be found here:
    For definitions and further explanations for the weighting, please use the glossary, which is available in English and German via the following link:
    IMPORTANT: Furthermore, information about the participating professional groups will be collected, which shall be included anonymously in the statistics of this survey. For this purpose, please enter your professional field in the ‘Participating name’ field, which will appear as soon as you have opened the link to the survey. Please do so for each of the two surveys.

Use the predefined categories:

  1. research 2. administration 3. emergency services/civil protection. 4. other Names are voluntary but will not be used further.

Thank you very much for your time!
If you have any questions about the survey, please feel free to contact by email:

This survey is running until 31.01.2024.