What is the difference between weather and climate and how are they connected? What are the interactions? How does effective risk communication work, and can we as a society still adapt to the consequences of the climate crisis? We addressed all of these questions yesterday, January 11, 2024, as part of the Climate Crisis Meets Civil Protection event series, which focused on the topic of “Risk communication and societal adaptation”. In this context, Özden Terli, meteorologist and ZDF weather presenter, reported on his day-to-day work and how communication about climate risks and consequences works on television. Using various graphics and excerpts from weather reports, Terli illustrated the current and future situation with regard to global climate change and its influence on local weather events.

You will find the recording of the lecture on our YouTube channel at the beginning of next week.

The DKKV and BuK would like to thank Özden Terli for the exciting talk and the around 150 participants via Zoom and in presence. We would also like to thank the City of Bonn and the Bonn Network for International Civil Protection and Disaster Risk Reduction for their cooperation and the VHS Bonn for the venue.

In two weeks, we will continue with the 7th event “Politics, climate crisis and civil protection”. This topic will focus on the political perspective on the climate crisis and civil protection. Leon Eckert (Member of Parliament), Uwe Adler (Brandenburg State Parliament) and Cornelia Weigand (Ahrweiler district) will share impressions from their everyday work at three different political levels and report jointly on political approaches. Further information and the link to online registration can be found here.

This event series is being conducted in German language only.