On the occasion of the SURE Status Seminar at the end of September, the MYrisk project partners met for a week in Bangkok. After a first MYrisk excursion to flood risks and the Klong canals in Bangkok, an exchange and introduction of the individual MYrisk project partners took place before the status seminar.

The second status seminar took place on September 26 and 27 as part of the funding priority “Sustainable development of urban regions”. Under the motto “Local and intercultural attitudes and cooperation”, around 100 participants from Germany, Southeast Asia and China came together to discuss the ongoing research of the SURE cooperation projects.

The status seminar provided a platform for knowledge exchange and networking between researchers and practitioners from different regions of the world working on the sustainable development of urban regions in Southeast Asia and China. The two-day seminar covered various topics relevant to achieving the SDGs and implementing the New Urban Agenda. The MYrisk project, with its focus on risk reduction and disaster risk reduction, presented itself in the form of two short presentations, posters and flyers and contributed important points for discussion.

The MYrisk team used the following two days for an intensive exchange in order to work out the next steps together. Among other things, the DKKV presented its lessons learned from the 2021 flood disaster and discussed the relevance of prevention by integrating a serious game.

Further information on the project can be found on the Sustainable Urban Regions Project (SURE) website and on the MYrisk homepage.