The European Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM) is the main instrument of European cooperation in civil protection. In order to ensure joint, systematic action in the Civil Protection Mechanism (also known as the Union Civil Protection Mechanism, UCPM), the federal and state governments have agreed to set up an EU Competence Center within the BBK.

The EU Competence Center officially began its work at the beginning of January. As a central coordination and cooperation platform between the federal government, federal states and aid organizations, the UCPM is to be strengthened. In doing so, the BBK is implementing a recommendation from the 47th AFKzV meeting to “establish a central competence center for the European civil protection procedure across federal and state borders, which has an advisory and coordinating function”.

In addition to expanding Germany’s coordinated involvement in the UCPM, the EU Competence Center also has the task of preparing the numerous opportunities for participation in the Union Mechanism for German stakeholders. Through targeted expert advice, knowledge management and information transfer, the platform supports the federal government, federal states and aid organizations in using the various potentials of the UCPM more efficiently. All 16 federal states, the five recognized aid organizations as well as the THW and the Federal Police have nominated “Single Points of Contact” (SPOC) for their institutions for cooperation within the framework of the competence center, which discuss the topics and issues of European civil protection together with the BBK.

“The new EU competence center at the BBK is not only an expression of the close, trusting cooperation between all players in German civil protection. It also shows how important the European Civil Protection Mechanism is for Germany and that we are prepared to get involved together.” BBK President Ralph Tiesler.

Source: BBK