Yesterday, the fourth event in the “Climate crisis meets civil protection” series took place with a focus on the topic “Implications of climate change in civil protection” together with Albrecht Broemme of the THW Foundation. The online lecture addressed the culture of error in civil protection and disaster relief using the example of identified problem areas after the flood events in 2021. Mr. Broemme also focused on the ignorance of knowledge that makes it difficult to learn from such a disaster. Other such problem areas can be found in flood dementia, diffusion of responsibility and concentrated unfairness, which were also part of the presentation.

The lecture was followed by a discussion round in which some of the 80 online participants took part with interesting questions.

In the coming days, you will find the recording on the DKKV YouTube channel and the presentation slides on the website.

The BuK and DKKV would like to thank all participants and especially Mr. Broemme for the interesting presentation.

In two weeks, on December 14, 2023, we will welcome Martin Voss (KFS) on the topic of “Risk Culture” at the DKKV office in Bonn. The flyer with a teaser for the lecture, as well as the possibility to register for online and face-to-face participation can be found on our website.