On 04.10.2023 the DKKV “Stammtisch” took place for the first time. At this meeting, institutional and private members of the association, as well as the young professionals, had the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange ideas. During the meeting, new and old members were able to introduce themselves, including DRF Luftrettung, the newest institutional member of DKKV, for the first time .
Since the meeting was held online, members from different corners of Germany were able to contribute and easily network across regions.
The evening was moderated by board chair Leon Eckert, who called for exchange among members. The focus of the joint discussion, initiated by Dr.-Ing. Udo Küppers, was a project that could strengthen the resilience of municipalities. The objective was primarily combining individual resilience measures into more integrative strategies to strengthen municipalities more comprehensively.

Meanwhile, the Young Professionals, led by Marie-Theres Baranski, exchanged ideas about projects, goals and direction of the YPs. Among the projects for 2024 are the planned seminar next spring and the annual meeting in Autumn. Reference should also be made to the Young Professional’s “Stammtisch”, through which a regular exchange is made possible.
The round table has been perceived very positively: as an opportunity to ask questions; to make suggestions; and to network with other professionals.
We will inform the members about when and in which form the next DKKV “Stammtisch” will take place through E-mail!