Reserach Scholar in ecological modeling


20. Dezember 2023    


The Biodiversity, Ecology, and Coservation (BES) Research Group, within the BNR Program is offering an opportunity for a talented early career researcher who would like to build a career in ecological modeling and informing biodiversity and climate policies through quantitative evidence.

The BEC Research Group at IIASA develops and applies state-of-the art ecological knowledge, methods, and tools to understand ecosystem functioning, ecological responses, and feedbacks in coupled social-economic-ecological systems. The group aims to apply this knowledge and tools to investigate appropriate management options to achieve sustainability goals that have ecological implications.

The incumbent is expected to lead on some of the tasks in ACCREU, a Horizon Europe funded project that focusses on investigating climate change impacts, mitigation, adaptation, and prospects for a sustainable social and economic development in the EU. ACCREU will identify challenges, highlight opportunities, and deliver practical solutions to policy making and societal to accelerate a just societal transformation towards climate resilience in the short, medium and long term. The specific role of the BEC group in this project is to investigate the impacts of climate and land-use change on terrestrial biodiversity in Europe, as well as identifying options for economically cost-efficient climate adaptation measures that also benefit biodiversity.

Additionally, there will be opportunities to contribute to other projects such as the Biodiversa+ funded INSPIRE project (“INtegrated Spatial PlannIng across REalms for biodiversity conservation and human development in a context of change”) where we aim to develop a conservation planning framework to evaluate opportunities for improved management actions in Austria and Hungary. Besides the two projects, we will also support the incumbent in applying for their own funding and developing a research career in ecological modeling in our group.

Deadline: extended to 20. December 2023

Further information can be found here.