Research Software Engineer


8. Dezember 2024    


The IBF Research Group, part of the IIASA Biodiversity and Natural Resources (BNR) Program is looking for a highly motivated individual to lead the design and implementation of an ambitious IT environment promoting its integrated modeling cluster deployment based on state of the art technologies, spanning large spatially explicit data management, workflow automatisation, open and modular cloud-based deployment, web-based solutions for data and model sharing with the scientists, policy makers, business, and the wider public. Aside from having a strong technical focus, an affinity with science is of benefit to the holder of this position as the successful candidate will be collaborating closely with the world largest team jointly developing sustainable solutions for land and water management.

The IBF Research Group adopts an integrated approach to sustainable land use and ecosystems modeling taking into account i) interactions between different economic sectors, including agriculture, forestry, bioenergy, and fisheries, ii) synergies and trade-offs between multiple societal objectives, including, but not limited to, green-house gas emissions and climate change mitigation, climate change impacts and adaptation, food security, sustainable nutrient and water management, and biodiversity, iii) across different spatial and temporal scales, going from pixel through the country level up to the global scale, and from annual to a hundred-year time horizon.

A core part of the research is based on the GLOBIOM model which is central to a growing modelers community supporting national and international decision makers around the world. GLOBIOM, in turn, is part of a large ecosystem of models, within and outside of IIASA, currently being consolidated into the new iBIOM modeling framework. The team owns significant high-throughput compute infrastructure for parallel model runs and leverages on-premises and cloud infrastructure for version control and automated testing.

Deadline: extended until filled

Further information can be found here.