Research Associate/Fellow in Multi-hazards position


4. Dezember 2023    


The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow UK, is offering a Research Associate/Fellow in Multi-hazards position.

The MEDiate project aims to develop a decision-support system for disaster risk management by considering multiple interacting natural hazards (including floods and droughts) and cascading impacts using a novel resilient-informed, service-oriented and people-centred approach that accounts for forecasted modifications in the hazard (e.g., climate change), vulnerability/resilience (e.g., aging structures and populations) and exposure (e.g., population decrease/increase).

The Research Associate/Fellow will lead contributions to the work packages “Assessment of current and future multi-hazard interactions and cascading impacts” and “Co-development with decision-makers of a multi-hazard disaster risk decision-support system” in collaboration with partners across Europe. In particular, the Research Associate/Fellow will be responsible for characterising and communicating cascading impacts of multi-hazards and contributing towards implementation of multi-hazard scenarios within the disaster risk decision-support system that is being developed in MEDiate. In addition, the Research Associate/Fellow will provide close support to the planned implementation of the decision-support system within the project testbed applications. Finally, the Research Associate/Fellow will contribute to other aspects of the MEDiate project where required, e.g., through reviewing deliverables.

The deadline for application is Monday, 4th December 2023.

Further details of the position can be found here.