Call for Abstracts – International Conference on the Impact of Crises on Critical Infrastructure


30. April 2024    


Crises, ranging from pandemics to wars, serve as stress tests for critical infrastructures, reshaping their perception and discussion. They redefine the concepts of criticality and vulnerability, prompting transformation. Crises reveal vulnerabilities, necessitating responsibility, trust, and transformation in technology, security, and human interactions. Questions arise about responsibility and trust in critical infrastructures. The conference on September 26th aims to encourage interdisciplinary discussions about vulnerability, responsibility, and trust, examining their impact on critical infrastructures after crises and questioning whether any changes or transformations have occurred.

You are welcome to join. Submit your abstracts in English language with 150 – 300 words before April 30, 2024, 23:59 CEST to

You can also register as an attendee. All forms of participations are free of charge.

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