Call for abstract: The Impact of Crises on Critical Infrastructure


30. April 2024    


Crises can come in different forms and dimensions and serve as stress tests for critical infrastructures. The world has seen various crises in the past decade, such as pandemics, wars, droughts, and vegetation fires and resulting function failures. These crises have affected, transformed, and reshaped critical infrastructures, influencing how they are perceived and discussed.
Crises play a vital role in defining the meaning and understanding of criticality and vulnerability, and they can lead to transformation processes in critical infrasturctures. Besides, crises not only reveal vulnerabilities but also require responsibility, trust, and transformation processes. These terms are re-evaluated in the context of trust in technology, security, humans, and critical infrastructures in general.
The KRITIS research training group has an interdisciplinary socio-technical perspective. The event intents to bring together experts from different fields, such as philosophy, political science, cilvil engineering, computer science, urban and spatial planning, architecture, sociology, and history, as well as practitioners from public administration and infrastructure operators.

The conference aims to encourage interdisciplinary discussions about vulnerability, responsibility, and trust, examining their impact on critical infrastructures after a crises and questioning whether any changes or transformations have occured.

If you happen to have suitable input for this conference, you are encouraged to submit an abstract in English language within 100 – 300 words.
Contributions may focus on, but are not limited to:
– Vulnerability
– Trust & Responsibility
– Change & Transformation
Deadline for submission: 30th April, 2024. Read more about the call for abstracts here.

You can find further information about the conference here.