Call for Abstract – ESREL Conference


1. Januar 2024    


The European Safety and Reliability Conference is being hosted in Cracow, Poland form 23. – 27. June, 2024. You are invited to submit an abstract for the Special Session  “Regional risk and  resilience analysis: from hazards to urban growth”. The resilience of communities requires multiscale analyses ranging from hazard modeling, damage assessment, uncertainty quantification and risk analysis, resource management and allocation, land use monitoring and design, up to the modeling of urban growth. These analyses are generally space-dependent and require inputs from multiple nested models. Regional risk and resilience analysis presents several challenges, such as the definition of the modeling scale, the modeling of the dependencies among predictions at different locations, and the quantification of the significant uncertainties in spatial data distributed over large footprints. For a suitable risk and resilience analysis of communities, there is a need to discuss how to address these challenges using both novel and consolidated strategies and tools that range from machine learning to random fields. This special session aims to present the state-of-the-art regional risk and resilience analysis and allow researchers to compare and discuss techniques and tools used to overcome the different challenges that such analyses present.

Deadline for submission is the 1st of January 2024.

Please find further information on the conference website.