The Klimahaus Bremerhaven is taking the current DWD special exhibition as an opportunity to focus specifically on the topics of weather, weather extremes and disaster prevention on “World Weather Day” and to organize various activities in the house. With a mixture of free workshops, weather shows, information stands, quizzes, experiment/craft stations and an evening science slam, there is something for everyone. Also on the program are: DWD short presentations, a climate suitcase workshop, weather shows, a science slam, a rally, the serious game “Ready for weather extremes?! playfully determine how we can deal with them” and a “weather photography” workshop.

We are delighted that the DKKV Young Professionals will be on site to play the serious game on climate change, prevention and early warning with the participants. To play the serious game and take part in the “Weather Photography” workshop, please register in advance.

You can find more information and register for the workshops on the Klimahaus website.