In December 2023, a Delegation from Central Asia came for a study tour to Germany, also visiting the DKKV. Climate Risk Management in Asia is a program implemented by GIZ, focusing on early warning systems for hydro-meteorological disasters during this trip. Foster collaboration among different actors, including ministries and agencies responsible for climate change adaptation, water resources management, and disaster risk reduction in central Asian countries, is a crucial aspect of this program.

Inspiration and knowledge exchange on the aspects of climate change management through study tours like this enable cross-cultural and international exchange by mutual learning and sharing of experiences. Amongst others, the Delegation visited the DKKV office in Bonn to get insights into our work and to play a serious game to foster the ideas of prevention, climate change, and early warning while illustrating the effectiveness of preventive measures in comparison to potential damage that might occur after an extreme event.

GIZ accompanied the study tour by camera and uploaded a video which can be accessed here.

Source: GIZ