The 28th UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties (COP) closed with some historic outcomes on disaster risk reduction. In order to stop the creation of new disaster risks, the reduction and eventual transition away from fossil fuels is key and has been recognized during this conference. Additionally reducing the current risk potentials by operationalizing the Loss and Damage Fund as well as the framework for the Global Goal on Adaptation are crucial for vulnerable countries to address risks with the help on the most emitting countries. Further, UNDRR, mentioned the Paris Agreement´s first ever global stocktake calling for improved coherence between climate action and disaster risks reduction and for expanding early warning systems.

The expansion and enhancement of multi-hazard early warning systems was one mayor focus of UNDRR´s engagement at COP28. Thus urging for greater support for the Early Warning for All initiatives was one big call during this specific COP28 Presidency Event. A platform for more information and to track the initiative´s progress can be found here.

COP28 was the global stage for the launch of a number of new initiatives. Amongst others, UNDRR has endorsed or signed the following:

Photo: By-studio/Shutterstock