The Federal Environment Agency’s third monitoring report 2023 on the German Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change (DAS) has been published. The overarching goal of the DAS is to reduce the vulnerability of ecosystems and society to the consequences of climate change while increasing the resilience and adaptability of these systems. In order to be able to analyze this appropriately, there are the so-called DAS monitoring indicators with an overview of the changes caused by climate change and the adaptation measures implemented.

The newly published monitoring report examines the federal government’s efforts to take precautions against increasing risks and focuses on different areas. The two main categories of the report are “Climate development in Germany” and “Indicators on climate change impacts and adaptation” and deal with subtopics such as “Changes in extremes”, “Human health” and “Biodiversity”.

The entire Monitoring Report 2023 is available for download on the UBA website at this link.

We hope you enjoy reading it.