The Hessian initiative to strengthen civil protection was successful in the Bundesrat. The motion for a resolution “Comprehensive strengthening of civil protection by the federal and state governments” was adopted unanimously.

Ten billion in ten years

The Interior Minister Roman Poseck (CDU) of Hessen commented on the motion: “The federal and state governments are jointly called upon to make this issue a priority. This also requires further financial investment, which is essential due to the existential importance of crisis resilience.” The federal states have already made “extensive” investments. “The interior ministers of the federal states have long been calling on the federal government to live up to its competence and responsibility for civil protection and to make investments totaling ten billion euros available for this area, namely one billion annually,” Poseck continued. The motion for a resolution also emphasizes that various laws need to be amended in order to further strengthen voluntary work and people’s personal responsibility.

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