By working with various partners, Risiko-Dialog was able to drive forward several important cooperation projects. These include the publication of a paper and initial findings from the new resilience project through to participation in the Carbon Removal Booster.

1. How can the voluntary donation of personal data, such as health or mobility data, help to solve social challenges? These and other questions were examined as part of the “Data donation for the public good” project. The newly published white paper summarizes the most important results of the project on charitable data donation.
2.Pilot project on social resilience in Zurich: Social resilience enables people to deal with crises and learn from them. In a joint pilot project with the City of Zurich’s Security Department, we are investigating how the relevant skills can be promoted among the population. Discussions with various experts from the administration, social work and other relevant areas from the city of Zurich identified the need and differentiation by target group to deal with crises. Further information can be found on the website.
3.Climate and energy! The Swiss Carbon Removal Platform offers an exchange of ideas for finding solutions to various issues relating to emissions. The focus is on the role of negative emissions or carbon dioxide removal or which emissions are difficult to avoid.