The UNDRR has released this year’s Regional Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction for Europe and Central Asia. This year’s report presents three broad, interconnected risk drivers that contribute to characterizing the complexity of risk management in the region.

Key drivers of risk are:

  1. Climate change and environmental degradation
  2. Interconnected and complex economies, societies and infrastructure
  3. Changing demographics

These themes are not isolated. Instead, they are treated throughout the report as being recurring and tightly interwoven, with increasing, compounding and cascading effects on one another and beyond.

In batteling these key drivers, the UNDRR has identified the challenges that are posed due to these risk drivers. The authors have also commended good practice examples from within Europe and Central Asia, that provide a hopeful outlook for risk reduction opportunities in the future.

The report also formulated five recommendations for future action to rise up to the challenges identified.

See here for more information and the full report.