The project Destination Resilience (ger. Destinationsresilienz), Quality Infrastructure for Resilient Tourism was concluded in October 2022 after the successful completion of various activities to increase resilience in tourism destinations. In the last phase of the project, further workshops were held in the destinations, also with the participation of politicians, in order to communicate the insights gained and the 5 Step Guideline for increasing destination resilience to other regions of the countries. Finally, all three local project partners were brought together in an internal evaluation meeting to present destination-specific challenges and achieved goals. This meeting enabled a global exchange of experiences and content, while it also served DKKV and Futouris as a reflection on their own project coordination. The communication products and guidelines produced in the project are available for download free of charge on the DKKV’s main project page and can also be requested from the DKKV for mailing. The successful completion of the project activities underlines the good cooperation between DKKV and Futouris in the profitable combination of the topics of risk and crisis management and sustainable tourism. The cooperation with the local project partners was also characterised by exciting exchanges, interesting events and a high degree of mutual trust. We would like to thank all partners and participating organisations for an all-round successful project!