In past years, the Disaster Risk Reduction Conference was held in October. Though, due to numerous events in autumn, the symposium has now been rescheduled for 22-23/04/2024. However, three pre-events will be held in advance to prepare for the conference.

12/10/2023 Online: 11 a.m.-12 p.m. “Same Same but Different? – Anticipatory Action from International Practice to National Application in European Civil Protection Mechanisms”. (DRK) Link to registration.

26/10/2023 Online 10:30am-12pm “Resilience in Germany – Today and Tomorrow.” (NKS & DKKV) Link to registration.

10/11/2023 Online 11am-12:30pm “Sharing practice: disaster relief and management abroad and at home”. (ADH & DKKV) Link to registration.