The Conference of the Parties (COP) 28 in Dubai has begun!

The reports published this year, shortly before the COP, also show that the efforts of the global community to date are not sufficient to meet the Paris climate targets and at the same time implement efficient measures to mitigate the effects of the climate crisis to date. Against the backdrop of insufficient global efforts, the completion of the first global stocktake of the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement is on the agenda this year. Climate financing, through financial support for the transformation to “net zero”, will also play a major role in the upcoming negotiations. Equally important is the issue of loss and damage funding, especially for the countries most affected by the climate crisis. In addition, a work program is to be defined to facilitate the implementation of global adaptation goals.

We will keep you up to date on developments in the negotiations on these topics and other important issues.

Members of the DKKV are on site as part of the German delegation to support the negotiations and communicate results. Four delegates from the DKKV, Reimund Schwarze, Friedrich Bohn, Dennis Wengenroth and Stefan Mönnich are following the negotiations in Dubai and will publish regular updates on their social media accounts.


LinkedIn: Prof. Reimund Schwarze, Friedrich Bohn, Dennis Wengenroth and Stefan Mönnich.

Twitter: Prof. Reimund Schwarze and Friedrich Bohn.

Also institutional members of DKKV, such as:


Contact information for interviews and comments:

Nadine Hoffmann: and Arianna Flores Corral:

3. Helmholz Center for Environmental Research

Instagram: UFZ

Prof. Reimund Schwarze will also be reporting on this year’s climate conference on the UFZ climate blog on Scilogs.

4. Federal Environment Agency

UBA President Prof. Dirk Messner and other UBA experts are part of the German delegation and are supporting the German Federal Government and the EU in the negotiations and are also organizing events on site themselves.

As part of the German delegation, the DKKV office will also follow events via the online broadcast, compile results and upload daily updates to social media channels and the website