The cell broadcast is one year old.
This is a hazard warning method in which the warning message is sent directly to the cell phone or smartphone. As cell phones and smartphones automatically register with a radio cell when switched on, via which network reception is established, the warning message can be received without a pre-installed app. Over 200 warning messages have already been sent throughout Germany since the system went live. The nationwide survey conducted by the BBK after Warning Day 2023 shows that around 80% of respondents are in favor of this method. The cell broadcasting warning system is therefore perceived as “very useful”.
The warning tool was used particularly frequently for fires and associated hazards, followed by natural hazards and weather events as well as the discovery of bombs and munitions during World War II.

“Cell Broadcast has proven to be a fast and reliable means of warning in Germany, especially in acute danger situations. No other means of warning can reach so many people in such a short time. The introduction of Cell Broadcast as an additional warning tool is another important step towards strengthening civil protection.” BBK President Ralph Tiesler on the anniversary.

Source: BBK