Two positions are available at TU Delft (NL) as part of a new EU project in the field of Highly Effective Lowly Probable Events (HILP): a PhD position and a postdoc position.

The PhD position offers the opportunity to develop a new approach to stress testing critical infrastructures. Special attention is given to cascading effects, information flows and the coordination of different actors. The successful candidate will work closely with the university interdisciplinary team to develop innovative approaches to understand and model the impact of HILP events on decision-making processes.

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The postdoctoral position is open to experienced researchers with proven expertise in AI and crisis management. The successful applicant will take an active role in shaping the project. The goal is to develop a new theoretical model and practical applications that systematically collect, analyse and evaluate globally available data on past events..

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Applications for the presented positions are still possible until 24 June 2023.

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