The impact of natural disasters and the following responses have been at the heart of the debate “Protecting lives – Building resilience” and a key issue in the global agenda, due to the growing consequences of the climate crisis, amongst others. In order to create a holistic understanding, factors such as, anthropogenic climate change, urbanization, demographic changes, the impact of human invention and technology, as well as ethical and social issues, must inevitably be considered in this debate.

The Natural Disaster Management Summit, hosted by The Economist, was held on September 13th 2023, in Thessaloniki, addressing the pressing issue of developing comprehensive strategies to efficiently manage and mitigate natural hazards. Together with Costas Synolakis, DKKV´s Board Members Prof. Dr. Reimund Schwarze gave a talk on the topic “Natural Disasters in our times: Estimating the Real Impact”, addressing questions such as “How is disaster risk reduction connected to a sustainable development?” and rising the debate around “climate crisis: exploring the blurred lines between natural and man-made disaster.”

This talk as well as the whole event has been recorded and is available here.