Last week, the Bonn International Model United Nations (BIMUN) lecture series started with the topic “Justice in a Changing Climate: Addressing Injustice Issues in the Wake of the Climate Crisis“.

The lecture by Prof. Dr. Froitzheim, from the Institute for Geosciences at the University of Bonn, “Highway to Climate Hell” provided a good introduction to the topic of climate justice. Under the topic of reality and denial of reality in the climate crisis, current climate developments and forecasts as well as counter-lobby strategies of the private sector and politics were examined.

Other lectures in this series deal with different aspects of climate justice, as well as gender inequality, colonial heritage, the role of judges in climate debates and the local implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement.

The programme of the lecture series is as follows:

8. November 2023 Navigating the Green Economy’s Global Maze: Embracing Contradictions for a Just Transition

15. November 2023 From Extraction to Empowerment: Tackling the Climate Crisis Through Collective Liberation

22. November 2023 Decolonizing the Anthropocene by Achieving Indigenous Environmental Justice

29. November 2023 Climate Justice: an Economic-Theoretical Perspective

13. December 2023 28 Years and Counting: Why are COPs Relevant and How Can We Use Them to Accelerate Action for Climate Resilience

20. December 2023 The climate crisis and the struggle for gender justice in land and food systems in the Global South

10. January 2024 Klimagerechtigkeit durch Richter*innen? – Die Rolle der Gerichte im Kampf um inter- und intragenerationelle Gerechtigkeit

17. January 2024 Nationale Nachhaltigkeitsinstitutionen zur Umsetzung des Pariser Klimaabkommens und der Agenda 2030

24. January 2024 Climate Change Action in the Practice: Lessons Learned from AFOLU Sector in Developing Countries

31. January 2024 Climate Change: Relationship between Climate Change, Migration and the Colonial past of Central America

More information on the individual events can be found under our event recommendations and on the BIMUN website.