At the end of June, the German project partners of the INCREASE project met in Cologne. The three days meeting provided space for various moments of exchange and discussion as well as for joint learning and networking. The project meeting focused on the knowledge transfer workshop on Integrated Disaster Risk Management (IDRM), which aimed to bring all partners together to discuss the development of the IDRM framework as a key tool for the subsequent work, the development and implementation of IDRM.

After the welcome speeches by the organiser of TH Köln, a first input lecture on “Integration” was given by Martin Voss (KFS). This was followed by an overview of the individual work packages, their current status and their possible contribution to IDRM. These were then discussed, among other things, in group work. Furthermore, there was an exchange on facts, research and lessons to learn to reduce risks, drive systemic transformation and promote resilience – all components that are fundamental to IDRM.

To strengthen collaboration, joint publications were planned and a timeline was created to visually record upcoming tasks and events. Thus, multiple impulses for strengthening societal resilience in times of climate change were set through diverse programmes for three days!