Earlier this week, DKKV´s Managing Director Benni Thiebes, held a guest lecture for master students about the institutions´s work and the concept of resilience at the United Nations University – Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS) in Bonn. Before giving the presentation and introduction to DKKV, the students participated in a serious game about prevention and preparedness before an event. The dice game is a simple game in which every player represents a mayor and has to decide whether to take measures, such as evacuation, or do nothing in the face of a possible heavy rain. During the game various conditions influence the vulnerability of the mayor´s city, such as climate change altering the probability of floods, local adaptation as well as early warning systems influence exposure and decision-making. This game is ideal to actively engage and understand the importance of taking preventive measures before an event hits.

You can find more information about serious games of out topic page and further detail about the UNU master´s degree on our careers page.