The GNDR global summit will take place in Nairobi from 20-22 February. GNDR stands for Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction and is the largest international network of civil society organisations committed to disaster risk reduction and strengthening the resilience of vulnerable communities. It aims to improve the recognition and integration of local perspectives, capacities and experiences into disaster risk reduction policy and practice through advocacy and knowledge sharing. GNDR supports its members in building resilient communities through capacity building, awareness raising, and networking.

Since 2020, DKKV has been the National Focal Point for Germany and regularly participates in regional advisory board meetings with other European focal points.

The first day consisted of an opening ceremony by the Board of Directors and the Executive Director followed by a personal story of forced displacement by a member.

The panel discussion then took up the theme of the Sendai Framework’s “whole of society approach”, emphasising that the involvement of civil society remains implicit rather than explicit. This is a crucial area that needs further attention and action in order to realise truly inclusive and comprehensive disaster risk reduction strategies.

The afternoon then continued with parallel sessions on partnerships and collaboration to strengthen resilience, integrating local knowledge and indigenous practices into disaster risk reduction, community-led disaster risk reduction, and risk-informed development.

GNDR is happy to welcome other civil society members from Germany. Membership is free of charge.