European civil protection is becoming increasingly important as the number of disasters increases and often exceeds the capacities of individual countries. Since 2010, large-scale exercises have been regularly planned and carried out throughout Europe in order to be prepared for crisis situations. Baden-Württemberg is organising the large-scale EU exercise “Magnitude” in October 2024, which will deal with an earthquake scenario. The Deputy Minister President and Minister of the Interior of Baden-Württemberg, Thomas Strobl, emphasises the need to think the unthinkable and be prepared for the increasing challenges in civil protection and disaster control.

The large-scale exercise will be accompanied by a series of workshops that will take place from January to April 2024 and deal with various aspects such as cross-border cooperation in civil protection and rescue measures. The exercise will be planned and the scenario defined in collaboration with national and international partners. The exercise is scheduled to last 36 hours and includes scenarios such as earthquakes, chemical accidents, drinking water supply and rescue of buried and injured persons.

Baden-Württemberg, where earthquakes regularly occur, is a suitable venue for the exercise due to its geographical location. The knowledge gained is to be shared with other federal states and the federal government, as civil protection requires teamwork. Particular emphasis is placed on supporting the population in times of crisis and building trust, especially vulnerable groups should not be neglected.

Source: Behörden Spiegel