By analyzing observation data and climate model simulations, it is now possible to make statements about the frequency and intensity of weather events. This works on the basis of attribution research, which investigates the extent to which man-made climate change influences the occurrence of extreme weather events. The German Weather Service (DWD) has also been involved in this area of research since the end of the 2010s and has dedicated the latest issue of its newsletter to the topic.

The DWD has been part of the ClimXtreme funding measure since 2023, in the context of which two further sub-projects have now been created. DWD researchers are now working on the further development of the software for attribution analysis of extreme weather events, which was already developed in the first project phase. Another area of work within ClimXchange is concerned with the transfer of knowledge and the communication of research results in practice. This involves working with various user groups to consider what information is needed to be prepared for future climate events.

In the newsletter you will also find information on the attribution of the 2023/2024 winter floods and the development of the research branch through the WorldWeatherAttribution Initiative.

Here you can find all DWD Newsletters about attribution studies. (Only available in German.)