DKKV is welcoming new board member Dr. Stephanie Hänsel. Ms. Hänsel completed her doctorate at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg with a scholarship from the German Federal Foundation for the Environment on regional climate change with a focus on heavy rainfall and drought. In her habilitation, she covered the range from concepts for analyzing climate change, observed and projected changes in precipitation and temperature extremes to the effects on the federal transport system and its adaptation options. Since 2020, she has chaired an international expert group of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), the aim of which is to raise awareness of the need to adapt the transport system to climate change and the increased occurrence of extreme weather events and to build corresponding capacities in the countries involved. Since 2023, Dr. Stephanie Hänsel has headed the Planning and Coordination staff unit in the “Climate and Environment” division at the German´s National Metereological Service (DWD), which on the one hand is very networked within its own division and supports the further development of climate services and on the other hand is in intensive exchange with other divisions, such as Weather Forecasting and Research and Development. As a board member, she will therefore pursue the goal of building a bridge between the activities of the DKKV and the DWD and will increasingly incorporate topics such as the communication of weather warnings, the development of climate services and the strengthening of climate resilience into the work of the DKKV.

The DKKV is looking forward to Stephanie Hänsel’s active contribution to the Board and to an exciting collaboration in the future.