Civil protection is one of the most noble tasks of the state in the interest of protecting citizens. In view of natural disasters and similar scenarios from the recent past or the ongoing pandemic situation and the challenges arising from recent international developments, intensive preparation for such dangers is more topical than ever. You can play a part in meeting these major challenges, which are also politically important.

The Ministry of the Interior of Baden-Württemberg will carry out the large-scale project “Magnitude” of a European civil protection exercise for two years starting 01.01.2024. The exercise is scheduled for October 2024, the exercise planning with all participating organizations will take place from January to October 2024. This includes the implementation of the planning conferences as well as workshops, some of which will also take place in the partner countries (Greece, Austria and Switzerland).

Do you want to actively participate in the protection of the population and make a difference in this direction, do you like to organize, are you creative, a team player and open to new things, then this very challenging position will zsagen you.

The deadline for applications is 05.11.2023.

You can find more information about the job posting here.

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