Risk KAN webinar by the Climate Risk Modeling and Management Working Group


19. Februar 2024    
15:00 - 16:00


Lightning can be regarded as a climate risk due to its impact on human, infrastuctures (power lines, wind turbines) and wildfires. As the climate warms it is expected that the number and severity of thunderstorms will increae, with increasing risks to the public and industry. In Africa an dAsia there are reports of significant increases in the deaths due to lightning, although this could be partially due to population growth in those regions. In addition to the direct impact of lightning and thunderstomrs on our lives and economies, thunderstorms and lightning can also feed back on the climate system causing additional warming via the production of ozone and water vapor (both greenhouse gases) in the upper troposphere. The presentation will present what we know and what we dont know about the risks of thunderstorms, lightning and our changing climate.

Prof. Colin Price is a Full Professor in teh Department of Geophysics, within the Porter School of the Environment and Earth Science at Tel Aviv University. He is an Atmospheric Physicist, specialising in the Earth´s weather and climate, with a focus on lightning, thunderstoms, climate change and natural hazards and will talk on “Climate Change and the risks of lightning and thunderstorms”.

The next Risk KAN webinar is hosted by the Climate Risk Modeling and Management Working Group on February, 19th 2024 at 3pm (CET) via Zoom.

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