Management of Disaster Risk and Societal Resilience (MADIS) Conference


20. März 2024 - 22. März 2024    

Disasters have profound and devastating impacts on both lives and livelihoods. Despite the growing body of literature on disaster risk management, these impacts continue to increase. The World Bank reports a fourfold increase in disaster-related damages over the last three decades, from $52 billion a year in the 1980s to $228 billion over the first three years of the 2020s. Notably, 82% of human life is lost when such events occur in low- and lower-middle-income countries.

This highlights the urgency and importance of disaster risk management research. The MADIS conference, named after a global research project funded by the Belmont Forum and UKRI-EPSRC, aims to foster a shared understanding of the intricate interdependencies among risk, resilience, and vulnerability concepts. It aims to explore their connections with the consequences of disasters and evolution of water-energy-food systems. Such a collective understanding is essential for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and ensuring the resilience and inclusivity of the proposed solutions.

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