International Workshop on Dynamics of Disasters: Hybrid Threats


30. Juli 2024 - 1. August 2024    


The “International Workshops on Dynamics of Disasters: Hybrid Threats” will be held at the University of Vienna, Austria, from 30.07.-01.08.2024, co-located with the 19th International Conference on Availability, Reliability, and Security (ARES 2024).
Topics include all aspects related to the dynamics of disasters and – in particular – hybrid threats, thereby paying particular attention to new and emerging threats due to the ever growing integration as well as increasing coupling between the cyber- and physical attention to new and emerging threats reach farther than cyber-physical systems, which – so far – have been the prime example for novel attacks and consequences, which can arise from the cyber- as well as the physical domain. The impact of hybrid threats on our modern societies is profound and only increases the challenges pertaining to disaster risk, disaster management organisations and first responders.
Stefan Pickl (DKKV board member) is one of the co-chairs.

Further information and the link for registration can be found here.