HNPW 2024 – Session: Hazard vs. Risk – paradigm shift in disaster risk management


8. Mai 2024    
11:00 - 12:30


A session entitled Hazard vs. risk – paradigm shift in disaster risk management will be held as part of the HNPW 2024.

Hazard vs. Risk – two terms used in the context of safety and risk management. Hazard refers to the potential threat or source of harm arising from certain circumstances, activities, or events whereas risk is a more complex concept that considers the probability of a hazard occurring, as well as the potential consequences or damages. Risk is the result of a systematic assessment of hazards associated with the probability of their occurrence and is often quantified to determine how high or low the likelihood is that a harmful event will occur and how severe the consequences could be. A risk-informed approach to disaster management is based on a solid and comprehensive knowledge base: research, innovation and scientific projects are key components.

This panel session aims to facilitate discussion and analysis of the changing perspective in disaster management from a hazard-centric to a risk-based approach. The session will open with a keynote on the changing nature of risk and followed by short introductory talks by the panelists. A panel discussion will subsequently be opened to the audience. We will address the requirements and effects of this paradigm shift, its meaning as well as the opportunities and challenges.