Cascading and Compound Shocks for Food Production


20. November 2023    
17:00 - 18:30


On Monday, 20th November 2023, the WCRP Safe Landing Climates program will be hosting a webinar about the “Cascading and Compound Shocks for Food Production“.

Shocks to food-production systems all over the world have become more prevalent in recent decades. Under further global warming, climate hazards such as concurrent heat and drought make these shocks even more likely, potentially leading to higher production losses and widespread food insecurity. Shocks may also be caused or intensified from geo-political or socio-economic events. Impacts are exacerbated, for example, when several regions or systems are affected, leading to compounding or cascading effects across environmental and human systems.

The focus of this webinar lies on expolring potential cascading and compound shocks to global food production systems and their impacts, focusing on state-of-the-art tools and the current challenges and possibilities of going beyond impacts on single sectors or shocks towards large-scale and multisectoral cascading impact assessment.

The speakers are:

Dr Corey Lesk –  “How compound extremes impact crops and what they mean for adaptation”
Dr Franziska Gaupp – “Systemic risk and compound vulnerability in the food system: a Somalia case study”
Dr Peter Alexander – “How shocks related to the war in Ukraine impact the global food system”


Please see here for more information and the registration link.