2nd Financing for Disaster and Climate Resilience


1. April 2024 - 11. April 2024    


A significant hurdle in attaining disaster and climate resilience is the scarcity of essential resources, particularly financing support. This course offers insights into tapping into global and regional funds dedicated to disaster risk and climate concerns, along with techniques for resource mobilisation. Throughout the course, participants will craft personalised resources aquisition strategies enriched by workshops, presentations, dialogues, and consultative sessions.
The course addresses the challenge of insufficient financial resources in achieving disaster and climate resilience. It guides participants in accessing global and regional disaster risk and climate funds for sustainable financing and effective mobilisation strategies. The course thoroughly explores financial mechanisms, strategies, and tools crucial for enhancing diaster and climate resilience across various societal levels. Given the increasing impact of climate change and the rising frequency and severity of disasters, mastering resilience financing becomes imperative for individuals, organisations, and governments.

Course Schedule:
01.-07. April (online)
09.-11. April (in person, Bangkok, Thailand)

Further information about the programm, registration and course fee can be found here.