Climate-related extreme events, industrial accidents, terrorist attacks and accidents at major events repeatedly highlight the complex interdependencies between people, technology and infrastructure. Research is therefore focussing on the impact and potential of communication before and during crisis situations via various channels, such as warning apps, social media and traditional media.

The January edition of the Weizenbaum Forum will focus on civil security research into socio-technical systems. The following questions will be discussed with the guests:

How can interaction and communication with the population succeed in the event of a crisis or catastrophic event and the possible failure of critical infrastructures? What techniques and processes are needed to recognise cascading incidents in critical infrastructures at an early stage and respond accordingly?How can stakeholders communicate and be supported more effectively in a crisis situation?What digital technologies are available and how are they used?

Register here for the event on 09th January 2024, 18:00 – 19:30 pm.