The Integrating quantitative and qualitative assessment methodologies for multi-dimensional phenomena (INQIUMUS) stands for a workshop series initiated by Z_GIS at the University of Salzburg, Austria and the European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano (EURAC) in 2014.

The workshops aim to identify common achievements and methodological challenges to gain insights and explore future directions.

Workshop Format:

  • Moderated to encourage high interactivity and productivity.
  • Minimal conventional presentations.
  • Invited keynotes will discuss state-of-the-art aspects, followed by focused discussions on current achievements and challenges.
  • Case studies exhibited as posters to provide further insights and encourage productive exchanges.

Key Discussion Questions:

  • How can quantitative and qualitative evidence and narratives be integrated through risk storylines?
  • How can risk storylines be extended to include non-climatic risk drivers (e.g., exposure, vulnerability) and social and economic aspects?
  • To what extent and under what conditions can storylines help risk managers reflect on and adapt their current practices to future conditions?
  • What elements constitute a good standard for risk storylines to be applied in practice

Call for Abstracts:

Interested participants should submit an abstract (max 400 words) addressing motivation, methods, achievements, challenges, scientific merit, and insights.

The Abstracts should be submitted as a single PDF to by August 16, 2024, and should include the name and affiliation of the presenters.

Further information can be found here.